About Zista Lube

Zista Lube is a division of Zista Group an international trading desk which is dedicated to supply of Lubricant and waxes originated from Iranian refineries.

Our supply is divided in 4 general groups:

Oxidized Bitumen, Penetration Bitumen and other Sludge Products

– Base Oil and RPO

– Waxes including Paraffin Wax and Slack Wax

– Fuel Solvents including Adblue Urea and White Spirit

Zista Group key to steady supply is the direct purchasing from refineries and accessing suitable finance to provide workable financial solutions to buyers and knowledge of commodity trading which combines into a professional supply package of lubricants.

In addition to refinery quality measures and controls, Zista group supervise the quality of each shipment by own lab to provide reliable quality assurance on supply of Paraffin Wax and Oxidized Bitumen while third party inspection is executed for the remaining products in the Zista Lube Package.