Cutback Bitumen

Cutback Bitumen or Liquid Bitumen

Cutback bitumen (Liquid Bitumen) is a bituminous binder in which bitumen is diluted in petroleum distillates in order to reduce bitumen’s viscosity and consequently to increase the penetrating of bitumen in the surface.

Cutback Bitumen Advantageous and Applications:


  • Higher Content of Bitumen Cement
  • Easy to Apply


  • Prime Coat (Open and Tight Surface)
  • Dust Binder
  • Sand Seal
  • Single and Multiple Surface Treatment
Cutback Bitumen Application
Grade Application
MC 30 The Kinematic Viscosity is (30 to 60) Centigrade
Use in Cold Regions
Ideal for Prime Coat
MC 70 The Kinematic Viscosity is (70 to 140) Centigrade
Use in Hot and Dry Regions
MC 250 Ideal for Prime Coat and Cold applied
Easy Uses and No Need for Thinning and Heating
Use in Roofing – As a Waterproofing Membrane
MC 3000 Use for Waterproofing Surface Cracks on the Asphalt in roads and roof
Use for Waterproofing the Surfaces of non-Asphalt Constructions.


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